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Company/Employer Services 

Clients (employers) can contact us at 571-296-6482 or by e-mail. (


The staff at The Recruiters of Reston Technology Center is prepared to assist your organization with numerous services to include the following:

- Search and Recruiting Services for Permanent Placements with costs to clients running a half of most competitors.

- Contract Placement Services including full payroll functions at what may be the regions lowest prices

Permanent and Contract Placements:

The recruiters at The Recruiters of Reston Technology Center (R-RTC) will save you valuable time and resources, and provide profitable results due to our ability to locate and recruit top management, executive and technical talent that is not typically available through traditional sources. Our recruiters will also save you time and money by qualifying and screening those candidates to your specifications . 

We gladly accept efforts for individual permanent career placements, project assignments for multiple personnel requirements, and trial-to-conversion assignments. We also offer professionals on a hourly contract arrangement where we provide the individual as our employee contracted by your firm to conduct an effort for a undetermined period of time.

We offer clients a flexible fee and payment structure based upon their needs. We also offer volume discounts.

Our premier package of permanent career placement services include:

         Job requirements gathering;

         Search for the passive candidate through non-traditional means;

         Job posting and advertising to locate the 'active' candidate;

         Initial candidate screening interviews;

         Interview scheduling/coordination for the client;

         Client's use of our Reston, VA office for conducting interviews to include IP based videoconferencing where available;

         Administration/proctoring of client provided exams/tests;

         Professional reference checks;

         Employment and salary history verification;

         Education, certification and credential verification;

         Relocation logistics support for your selected candidate.

We also offer additional services to our client's on a fee per service basis to include:


Clients (employers) can contact us at 571-296-6482 or by email (





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