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About Our Company - Now in Our 15th Year !!!

The Recruiters of Reston Technology Center (R-RTC) serves clients in a variety of industries as listed in our Industry Focus page. Within these industries, our team focuses on the technical, management, and executive positions in engineering, management, operations, business, sales and marketing fields in such verticals as Information Technology (IT), satellite/RF communications and terrestrial telecommunications.

To ensure the best selection of fully qualified candidates, The Recruiters of Reston Technology Center (R-RTC) research, recruitment and selection processes can be conducted on both a local and a national level. The R-RTC staff is committed to identifying, recruiting, placing and representing the finest available professionals.

At The Recruiters of Reston Technology Center , we are devoted to creating exceptional partnerships with clients within our specific industry focus. Our culture thrives on teamwork and dedication in an environment where integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of our organization. This enables us to provide a world-class service, while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. A further objective of our organization is to ensure that the right candidate is identified and placed in the right position. Success is defined by meeting the needs of both the hiring organization and the hired individual.

Brian Ward -
Managing Director

Prior to opening The Recruiters of Reston Technology Center, Brian worked 25 years in several areas including the Department of Defense, information technology, and telecommunications. During this time he held positions with functions ranging from Integrated Logistics Support, Project Management, Sales Engineering, and senior Telecommunications Management. He worked with DOD program acquisition offices, managed IT efforts, and  conducted and managed technical sales activities. Additionally, Brian performed the function of business development manager and assisted with product development. Prior experience also included the management of software development efforts.  Brian holds both a Bachelors and a Masters degree from the University of Maryland, College Park, MD. Finally, Brian enjoys teaching database design and development at a local university.

This broad experience base has given Brian a vantage point of being able to create a professional recruiting company that understands and accurately identifies the needs of the hiring organization, and the qualifications required of candidates to successfully meet those requirements.

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